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Quarry Facility Isle of Lewis - Angus Maciver Ltd - Bulk Bag Supplies

We supply several types of base layer aggregates in bulk bags from our own local quarry facility. These gravels can generally be divided into three different types: natural aggregates, secondary aggregates and recycled aggregates. 

Natural aggregate type 1 is commonly used within a path’s base layer whereas type 2 is normally used in the lower part only as it is not as strong as type 1. In contrast, type 3 is finer still and used as a draining base layer. Other natural aggregates include crusher run and scalpings. Both of these materials are quarry waste and vary in strength.

Secondary and recycled aggregates are becoming increasingly common, and include demolition waste and road planings.

Delivery throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris will be in 850kgs bulk bags from a mounted loader crane vehicle which requires 2.76m (9ft) minimum width for access. The crane arm can reach between 6.0-8.0m (19.5-26.0ft), depending on access and obstacles.

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Skip Hire 

Should you require a skip for ground or garden clearance, we have a skip hire division