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Lime Fertiliser - Angus Maciver Ltd - Bulk Bag Supplies

Lime fertiliser is suitable for both farming and horticultural use. Agricultural lime, also called garden lime, is a soil additive made from pulverised and milled limestone or chalk. The primary active component is calcium carbonate. Additional chemicals vary depending on the mineral source and may include calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, and magnesium carbonate.

Agricultural lime is an important farming supplement and is widely used to help maximise crop yields. Over time the acidity of the soil tends to increase and the addition of agricultural lime helps stabilise the acidity of the soil which helps improve crop growth and yields by reducing the adverse effect of high soil acidity.

Garden Lime makes soils less acidic, enabling plants to take up the nutrients they need for growth and development. If soils become too acidic nutrients get locked away, plants can suffer deficiencies and feeding becomes less effective.

The addition of lime helps to release soil nutrients. Fertilisers and manure cannot be fully effective if the land is short of lime. In addition, water that leaches from acid soils may contain undesirable materials which can adversely effect the quality of surface and groundwaters.

For agricultural use the major benefits include:-

  •     Low-cost, high-value solution

  •     Improved overall crop profitability

  •     Increased productive potential of arable land

  •     Important component in maximising crop yields

  •     Assists livestock health and growth

  •     Improved soil structure

  •     Helps maintain correct pH levels

  •     Releases soil nutrients, assisting fertilisers and manure


For horticultural use the major benefits include:-

  • Helps to grow plants that can’t thrive in acidic soil

  • Can neutralise acidity to grow healthy plants

  • Helps to form soluble compounds in the soil

  • Helps to create ‘live’ soil for healthy plants

  • Improves soil texture

  • Helps with pest control


Delivery throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris will be in 850kgs bulk bags from a mounted loader crane vehicle which requires 2.76m (9ft) minimum width for access. The crane arm can reach between 6.0-8.0m (19.5-26.0ft), depending on access and obstacles.