Kiln Dried Firewood Logs (Softwood & Hardwood) - Bulk Bag Supplies

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs - Angus Maciver Ltd - Bulk Bag Supplies

We supply quality top-grade kiln dried firewood logs in bulk bags throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris. We can supply these as either separately bagged softwood or hardwood logs. 

Damp timber creates a very inefficient burn resulting in lost heat trying to drive moisture from the wood. Kiln dried logs, with their very low moisture content of between 15%-20%, guarantee a superior burning firewood. The low moisture content means that kiln dried firewood burns hotter and burns longer, producing less ash. It also results in a reduced build-up of potentially harmful tar.

Kiln dried logs are ideal for woodburners, wood burning stoves, chimineas, firepits, outdoor pizza ovens, solid fuel cookers, open fires and fireplaces.

Our softwood logs are lodge pole pine, and our hardwood logs are cut from birch, oak and ash. These are cut to an average length of 250mm (10 inches) which is the ideal size for all appliances.  


For domestic biomass boilers we can supply 500mm (19 inches) logs, or for commercial biomass we can supply 1 meter (49 inch) softwood logs.


The logs are sold in cubic metre bulk bags (1000x1000x1000mm, or 3.25x3.25x3.25ft).

Softwood calorific heat values are similar to those of hardwoods with the main difference being that hardwood has a longer burn time. Hardwood burn properties are :-

  • Birch - Easy to light, medium burn time, large flame, good heat.

  • Oak - Harder to light (very dense), long burn time, small flame, extreme heat.

  • Ash - Considered to be the best firewood available - easy to light, long burn time, large flame, extreme heat.  


The advantages of kiln dried logs can be summarised as follows :-

  • Low moisture content – Kiln dried logs reach higher temperatures faster than other types of logs as there is less excess moisture to burn off.

  • Quick to ignite – Kiln dried logs ignite without delay and can produce a good flame within minutes.

  • Longer burn - Kiln dried logs have been known to burn for three times longer than unseasoned logs.

  • Versatile - Kiln dried logs can be used on open fires, wood burners, cooker and multi fuel stoves as they are all cut to an average of 250mm (10 inches).

  • Efficiency - Burning kiln dried logs generates more heat giving a more efficient stove.

  • Recommendations - Kiln dried logs are recommended by stove Installers and chimney sweeps.

  • Sustainably sourced - Kiln dried logs are sourced from sustainable suppliers.


Ideally, the logs should be stored in a timber store. The optimum storage is undercover with some air flow, however, the wood can be stored in a garage or in the house. If the logs are rained on intermittently it is not an issue that will affect their burning efficiency because the wood has been kiln dried from inside out. However, prolonged exposure to the elements is not advised.


Delivery throughout the Isle of Lewis and Harris will be in 850kgs bulk bags from a mounted loader crane vehicle which requires 2.76m (9ft) minimum width for access. The crane arm can reach between 6.0-8.0m (19.5-26.0ft), depending on access and obstacles.